Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Energy of Thought

When you look around, does what you see resonate with something that's within you?  Or do your surroundings feel foreign and unfamiliar?  Do your surroundings define you or do you define them?  I wrote a tweet a few weeks ago that came to me as I was driving to an appointment: "We are not a product of our happiness, our happiness is a product of us."
Circumstances can push you down or raise you higher!  I've heard it said that "grace is a perspective away."  Life's vicissitudes constantly challenge faith - and faith constantly challenges those reasons in life that we tell ourselves we are not good enough. 
Pain welcomes heartache just as happiness embraces accomplishment.  Throughout life, one will know the full gamut of these emotions - more than once.  But how much of this cyclical nature can one influence?  How can we live more fully in the glory of life?
After listening to a recent podcast with Kevin Allen, creator of the 'Priceless' Mastercard campaign, I was reminded that when we understand the fundamentals of what we do (in our jobs) and how to fully utilize individual skills and gifts, one can be poised for growth and achievement.  The value proposition with the Mastercard campaign was simple: good people, buy good things for good reasons.  Seems so simple, right?  But to arrive at this ah-ha moment, one must examine the foundations of thought.  Clearly, these may change, but this process will evolve.  As it evolves, it is with great advantage to then determine a simple strand of reminders that direct thought. When challenges mount and seemingly begin to overwhelm, these strands of thought provide a foundation on which to fall back. These foundations of thought forge our thinking and help to us to keep moving forward.
I've captured my foundation for thinking using these strands of reminders: Persistence, Perspective, Problem-Solving and Proactive.  There's a fine measure of separation between each of these terms; but collectively, they propel thought and behavior. 
We are not what we think about, rather we 'behave' in direct response to what we think about.  The complex structures formed in one's thinking and the resulting perspective of those thoughts as the thinker acts upon them, orchestrate together to create and define one's self. 
I believe our human nature is to exert effort and purpose into believing that we are capable...we are made to pull through!  After all, energy is never lost, only transferred.  Our thoughts have energy and this energy can transfer into achievement.  The energy of a thought can carry one to a desired destination.  The energy of a thought can help one pull through and create the process(es) and circumstances necessary to transfer dreams into reality!  Regardless of the valley(s) that one has walked through in life, thoughts can create behaviors that bring one fully alive!  One's past does not necessitate one's future; but one's thoughts can profoundly propel one into the glory of living life to the fullest.  Thereby, happiness is a construct of conscious choice to develop thought from a foundation of reminders that gives rise to one's value proposition in life! 
Rise today and make a positive change the world!