Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We may not know where the strength comes from, we may not even understand the magnitude of what it has presented.
But still, it shows up, it is there, manifesting in a moment we may have never expected.

Sometimes the doctors cannot explain, for the ailment, against medical science, begins to disappear.
And sometimes explanations are benign, for the patient never agreed to lend an ear.

Words, at times, are not enough to articulate meaning.
However, they are sometimes all the heart has to move us closer to being.

Creation can remind us, just as equally powerful as it can help us to forget,
that we are far more than the looking glass has to present.

Never separate the question from its purpose,
answers will assemble reason and meaning will surface.

The night, just as the day, carries a universe of thoughts and destinations.
Therefore, harness your dreams and hold on to your great expectations.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Somewhere Near

I'm around the corner from something that is real;
nearer to unfamiliar I pause to capture how I feel.
A scent that reminds me of something I may have once known,
although I can't remember how it felt to want to be alone.
Where time once stood to mark the memories of my soul,
I now use the pieces of love that were once whole.
If this is love that is becoming,
it caught me by surprise while away from it I was running.
What's this feeling that keeps on returning,
can I use this smile for discerning?
Heaven's wisdom connects my heart with what I wanted to forget,
it seems that heaven doesn't want me to let go of something I might regret.
What happens next is not what I planned,
what happens next is in the Creator's hand.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Aquiescence of Why

Unspoken, yet upon our lips, there is a song the heart wants to sing. Undaunted, its presence is uplifting, a truth that is enticing. Things will always turn out to be just right, this is truer when we look beyond the capabilities of sight. For where the heart greets the hands of time, our thinking shifts to the creator who is divine. When smiles begin to run dry, we learn to look elsewhere to find a why. Seemingly delight may suggest we have no where else to go, but it's in the moments of next that there exists an afterglow. Close to understanding, there is depth in our times of need, the kind of depth that only glory can precede. When the arms of happenstance have left blame out of reach; we begin to see reason for acquiesce to an energy irreverent of teach.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Toward the notion of what we believe, we find a greater purpose in the ways of being/as we embrace the power inherent in each day, here we begin to find meaning.
When the night calls upon us to ask what we believe/we may only have strength to clasp our hands, to trust that which only our spirit can conceive.
There is a whisper in the wind that can go unnoticed, apart from dispelling/only when we open our hearts can we hear the secret it's telling.
To maintain a presence within, to hold fast to the now as a friend/we deconstruct an intent that once suggested the journey was a means to an end.
Eternity cannot bend; pain and struggles we will always befriend/for one without the other would never foster a transcendence that leads to depth in what we comprehend.

Spectacular Beginning

Society is beckoning, perpetuating even, a means to systematically shift altruism, concepts and constants. Upon the eve of the "Conceptual Age" (Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind), we burden ourselves with the lackluster of logic. Logic, in and of itself, is not enough. In the global function of our desires, many are realizing the urgency of reaching for something that is beyond our sight.

It's been said that "a man is what he thinks about." This is an epitaph for the lost and weary. We are the thinker of this thought, we are not that which this quote suggests. Perhaps it should read, "a man's behavior is based upon what he thinks about." We are more than mere thoughts. Inherent within each of us is a multitude of tremendous propensities to create, change and conquer!

Where our worries, doubts and anxieties end, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness begin. Our forefathers knew this great propensity. They set out to create a new frontier wrought with purpose, passion and prosperity. Modern day aches with desire for today's leaders to realize this inherent opportunity. We must begin again - to set out on a voyage familiar to our founding fathers. We will need courage, optimism and commitment...for these qualities define the character our leaders must exhibit in effort to carve a path through which the greater good (Abe Lincoln) can voyage with expectancy.

Chaos Creates What Harmony Cannot

The songs are in our eyes, when we close them we begin to really see. If commonplace has a home in complacency, then beauty finds peace in perspective. Where can a latent heart go to rest when mutation in thought gives rise to possibility? We are always becoming if at the same instance our thoughts have brought us there. Chaos creates what harmony cannot. Where our hearts once ached, they now know resilience.

Eternity cannot bend and purpose will never forget its original intent. Pain reminds us that the heart can feel what our thoughts were always afraid of. Our strength cannot fairly be measured in our physical capacities to counteract the laws that govern our universe; however, our spiritual quest allows us to persevere heartache and conquer those things that sequester our minds. "What once seemed impossible, now seems overdue." What memories call choas, the universe calls harmony.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure

The ground may cause you to stumble,
the air might not be enough for you to breath,
but just hang on,
somehow hang on and manage to believe.

You’re going to tumble,
you’re going to fall,
someone may help you,
others not at all.

A moment or a memory may
cause a tear to descend,
but somehow remember
to remain thankful, let your thoughts transcend.

Because life brings you purpose,
a reason for the sweat and pain,
a measure beyond words,
there’s a glory that only you can gain.