Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Giving Thanks - It's Your Right

It's more than a feeling! 
Thanks is an expression!
Thanks is an opinion!
Thanks is an act of surrender to a moment greater than one's self
Giving thanks is one's right! 
Giving thanks is empowering
It's an exchange of energy!
Thanks is a precursor to faith!
An anchor to a causational hope!
Offering thanks builds distance from one's ego.
Thanks can create and culminate.

Giving thanks allows the heart to celebrate; we all have this inherent right (this privilege) to capture the moment and acknowledge its essence!  The right to engage in a moment, to embrace that moment with a courageous heart willing to acknowledge that something or someone mattered! 
Where "thanks" exists, so too does the extraordinary power of one's presence in the universe. 

Offering thanks conveys personal freedom and acknowledges that something is better because...