Friday, April 11, 2008

Beyond Measure

The ground may cause you to stumble
the air might not be enough for you to breathe,
but just hang on
somehow hang on and manage to believe.
You're going to tumble,
you're going to fall,
someone may help you,
others not at all.
Tears will fall and memories will mislead you,
but somehow remember
to remain thankful through it all.
Because life brings you purpose
a reason for the sweat and pain,
a measure beyond words,
there's a glory that only you can gain.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


written March 11th, 2007

There is a sadness nearby, whether present or forthcoming I do not know.
I feel its hand clasping and I know not of a reason for its surmise.
I neither welcome nor accept its presence. Although it's uninvited, it seems to feel welcome. Thriving on the sadness of this world, it feeds from the darkness and finds delight in causing demise.

...but my God is greater! What of death, where be its sting? I shall not waiver in my faith! My shield is the hand of the Almighty! He who can set a place for me at the table of my enemies will continue to keep me rising. Beyond my dismay is where I will find Him. He who plucks a star from the universe, who powers the sun, who creates a flower, shall also place my feet on a solid rock. Glory to the King; for He is here not only when I need Him, but also, when I need Him!

Twists and Toils

Bewilderment asks for the company of none, yet finds itself never riding alone. Desolate and barren is the life of the one who lives with no greater purpose than to lavish in the nectar of abundance, to live selfishly, absent of lending a hand. For in the silence there resides a tribune of reality, a vessel of enlightenment. Although torment and truth befriend both a wicked heart and the soul of a good man, both are offered grace just the same. Mayhem may sometimes rule in the darkness, but mercy shall rise with the sun upon those who beckon upon it. Stand alone and you'll be among the many; be with the many and you'll sometimes still feel alone.

Bounded by Faith

The tapestry of my thoughts would have me go no further than the yesterdays of my person; perhaps too, the tomorrows of worry and supplication. When truth doesn't always seem to have taken root, it's then that my hopes give chase to a paradox of freedom and liberty that seemingly subscribe to a notion of earned righteousness. Dimly lit are the lights of hope that may get doused by fear and contentment, but my soul will hold on, for if nothing else, there is greatness in Faith.


Common to the night
is a lost soul guided by the light.
The moon is a lantern that shades the skin of the earth
in the shadows of what is right.
In the cosmos of my thoughts I pale in comparison with who I am
and the "I" God wants me to be.
If only I could let go and, thereby, be free
I could sense a nation of emotions
sent forth and meant for me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Embrace to Surrender

If rest I could from these things that politician my heart to surrender, release I would in that moment of my embrace, that same level of awareness in the reasons I face. For the mornings have brought promise that the night never seems to realize. A harmonious melancholy appends to a moment I conceive a thought of prosperity, disallowing it to materialize. Although I long to cease this suffering, I forget to use my faith and apply this aforementioned force that echoes in my memories of all those things that never use to be. With its foundation in a creator who never fails to hold my tears, I again realize all is not lost. Time can be a captor but never acquaint with forever; for it has its loss in the moment we surrender. Although despair can be a friend - hope, love, and faith will bring it to an end. Sight isn't always what we begin to see, for it also has roots in what was always meant to be. A timeless collection of distraught disdain mixed with a purpose, a passion greater than me. So I concede my heart to hold fast and my soul, my faith to bring it about, to make it last - this cherished hope of a moment, interwoven, uncompromised into eternity!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Purpose to Believe, Passion to Conceive

Usually there is much more to a 'crisis' than any one person can see, especially the person in 'crisis' mode. On the surface, there seems to be no logic or reason. Fortunately, our prayers operate in a similar fashion in that one may never know the mountains he or she can move in the life of another person simply through a few heartfelt prayers. This blog was going to be about a crisis that occurred in my life; however, I've determined to make it about the beliefs that the event reinforced for me as a result of enduring the event and enduring extreme heartache and pain.

To begin with, I want to state that I believe in the power of prayer and believe that when we call upon the Lord and stand in expectancy, God moves in a mighty way! People meet for specific purposes; sometimes that purpose becomes clearer only when we are brought to a place in our lives where reflection and desperation, oddly enough, seem to help derive a meaning. Victor Frankl writes in his book, Man's Search for Meaning, that suffering ceases to be suffering when we begin to understand it and are able to define it. He goes on to say that we need to stop asking the question "what is this life for" and realize that we are the ones being questioned by life. In other words, life is asking us: "what are you going to do with this gift?"

Rhonda Byrne state's in her book, The Secret, the past has passed, the future is unknown, and the present is a gift (hence the use of the word PRESENT to describe where we are in life and how we are to internalize it). Along with this, The Secret has taught me to believe in a better tomorrow, to believe that life is not what I know and see but rather what I believe. In the Secret, Rhonda Brynes writes that the universe wants to know very specifically what we want from life, what we want out of life. Once we tell "it" what we want, it begins to orchestrate the "how".

Nothing is impossible to those who believe. Matthew 9:29, "according to your faith will it be done to you" confirms this. Victory is not so much a result of what we accomplish in the flesh, rather what we fathom in our hearts and master in our minds. Joel Osteen said in one of his most recent podcasts that we should wake up everyday and proclaim that "something awesome, something great is going to happen in my life today."

Be of good cheer. I wish all who read this, the freedom of knowing what it means to live well and may the path you walk with the Lord be marked with abundance in good health, joy, and finance.