Tuesday, February 26, 2008


written March 11th, 2007

There is a sadness nearby, whether present or forthcoming I do not know.
I feel its hand clasping and I know not of a reason for its surmise.
I neither welcome nor accept its presence. Although it's uninvited, it seems to feel welcome. Thriving on the sadness of this world, it feeds from the darkness and finds delight in causing demise.

...but my God is greater! What of death, where be its sting? I shall not waiver in my faith! My shield is the hand of the Almighty! He who can set a place for me at the table of my enemies will continue to keep me rising. Beyond my dismay is where I will find Him. He who plucks a star from the universe, who powers the sun, who creates a flower, shall also place my feet on a solid rock. Glory to the King; for He is here not only when I need Him, but also, when I need Him!

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