Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Embrace to Surrender

If rest I could from these things that politician my heart to surrender, release I would in that moment of my embrace, that same level of awareness in the reasons I face. For the mornings have brought promise that the night never seems to realize. A harmonious melancholy appends to a moment I conceive a thought of prosperity, disallowing it to materialize. Although I long to cease this suffering, I forget to use my faith and apply this aforementioned force that echoes in my memories of all those things that never use to be. With its foundation in a creator who never fails to hold my tears, I again realize all is not lost. Time can be a captor but never acquaint with forever; for it has its loss in the moment we surrender. Although despair can be a friend - hope, love, and faith will bring it to an end. Sight isn't always what we begin to see, for it also has roots in what was always meant to be. A timeless collection of distraught disdain mixed with a purpose, a passion greater than me. So I concede my heart to hold fast and my soul, my faith to bring it about, to make it last - this cherished hope of a moment, interwoven, uncompromised into eternity!

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