Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We may not know where the strength comes from, we may not even understand the magnitude of what it has presented.
But still, it shows up, it is there, manifesting in a moment we may have never expected.

Sometimes the doctors cannot explain, for the ailment, against medical science, begins to disappear.
And sometimes explanations are benign, for the patient never agreed to lend an ear.

Words, at times, are not enough to articulate meaning.
However, they are sometimes all the heart has to move us closer to being.

Creation can remind us, just as equally powerful as it can help us to forget,
that we are far more than the looking glass has to present.

Never separate the question from its purpose,
answers will assemble reason and meaning will surface.

The night, just as the day, carries a universe of thoughts and destinations.
Therefore, harness your dreams and hold on to your great expectations.

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