Monday, March 9, 2009

Aquiescence of Why

Unspoken, yet upon our lips, there is a song the heart wants to sing. Undaunted, its presence is uplifting, a truth that is enticing. Things will always turn out to be just right, this is truer when we look beyond the capabilities of sight. For where the heart greets the hands of time, our thinking shifts to the creator who is divine. When smiles begin to run dry, we learn to look elsewhere to find a why. Seemingly delight may suggest we have no where else to go, but it's in the moments of next that there exists an afterglow. Close to understanding, there is depth in our times of need, the kind of depth that only glory can precede. When the arms of happenstance have left blame out of reach; we begin to see reason for acquiesce to an energy irreverent of teach.

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