Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spectacular Beginning

Society is beckoning, perpetuating even, a means to systematically shift altruism, concepts and constants. Upon the eve of the "Conceptual Age" (Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind), we burden ourselves with the lackluster of logic. Logic, in and of itself, is not enough. In the global function of our desires, many are realizing the urgency of reaching for something that is beyond our sight.

It's been said that "a man is what he thinks about." This is an epitaph for the lost and weary. We are the thinker of this thought, we are not that which this quote suggests. Perhaps it should read, "a man's behavior is based upon what he thinks about." We are more than mere thoughts. Inherent within each of us is a multitude of tremendous propensities to create, change and conquer!

Where our worries, doubts and anxieties end, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness begin. Our forefathers knew this great propensity. They set out to create a new frontier wrought with purpose, passion and prosperity. Modern day aches with desire for today's leaders to realize this inherent opportunity. We must begin again - to set out on a voyage familiar to our founding fathers. We will need courage, optimism and commitment...for these qualities define the character our leaders must exhibit in effort to carve a path through which the greater good (Abe Lincoln) can voyage with expectancy.

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