Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chaos Creates What Harmony Cannot

The songs are in our eyes, when we close them we begin to really see. If commonplace has a home in complacency, then beauty finds peace in perspective. Where can a latent heart go to rest when mutation in thought gives rise to possibility? We are always becoming if at the same instance our thoughts have brought us there. Chaos creates what harmony cannot. Where our hearts once ached, they now know resilience.

Eternity cannot bend and purpose will never forget its original intent. Pain reminds us that the heart can feel what our thoughts were always afraid of. Our strength cannot fairly be measured in our physical capacities to counteract the laws that govern our universe; however, our spiritual quest allows us to persevere heartache and conquer those things that sequester our minds. "What once seemed impossible, now seems overdue." What memories call choas, the universe calls harmony.

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